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Four Themes, Four Expert Panels

April 8, May 6 and June 3

The first theme we tackle is all about staffing - how do you get the right people and then get the best out of them?  What do you want to ask the panel about coping with the current crisis caused by Covid-19?  What issues have the sudden shutdowns caused for staff?  What do you need to know from the panel about policies and procedures during pandemics?  Can you and your staff perform?  What do you want to hear from the panel about pay and sick leave?  And what about recruitment?  Register now and submit a question!

April 15, May 13 and June 10

Our second theme is about "the work" and delivery but in 2020 Covid-19 is creating huge adjustments in our work.  Our panel's expertise is in program and service design and monitoring and evaluation - now that everything is up in the air, how can they help you make adjustments?  What do you want to know about including stakeholders in (sudden changes to) design and evaluation?  Whose voices matter most right now?  What advice are you looking for around reporting results amid the current mayhem?  Register now and submit a question!

April 22, May 20 and June 17

Nonprofits are always in fundraising mode and we never cease telling our stories.  Amid the current chaos - in daily life and the economy - what issues rise to the surface for you regarding your financial health?  What can the expert panel tell you about pivoting and re-engaging with donors and engaging stakeholders, who themselves are preoccupied with Covid-19?  What practical, tactical barriers keep you from achieving your fundraising goals?  How can they help?  Register now and submit a question!

April 29, May 27 and June 24

We often think of the Board and strategy has high-level perspectives, looking down from 30,000 feet.  But there are practical, tactical issues we face every day, like engaging Board members, having "next phase" discussions with major donors, maneuvering with partners.  In the current crisis, what pressing issues can the expert panel shed light on for you to put into practice immediately? How can you leverage their decades of collective experience to help solve the problems you're facing today?  Register now and submit a question!   

What we’ll cover on the weekly calls:

  • Experts in the nonprofit field responding to your questions, offering the benefits of their experience to help you accelerate your vital work.  
  • Get specific feedback on the most pressing problems and issues preventing progress toward the impact your community deserves.
  • Relevant, up to date discussion on key topics raised by your nonprofit and mission-led colleagues across the US, Canada and UK.  

Places on the conference call are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the discussion that will challenge your thinking about barriers to nonprofit impact.

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