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Ep 28:  Mar 17 - Cathrine Yuill

"Major gifts - if not now, when?"

Small nonprofits can change the world. I learned the hard way in my 10 years as an Executive Director just how challenging it can be to deliver on that potential impact when resources are limited, skill sets are spread too thin and board leadership is unsure how they can contribute. I learned everything I know about successful nonprofit leadership with my feet to the fire and now I want to help small nonprofits skip the crisis.

In a quest to deepen my skills in donor centred philanthropy I joined Dalhousie University's Advancement team and learned from some of the best. Every day I have the honour of building relationships with donors, learning about their desire for impact, and connecting them with aligned initiatives. I coach a team of heart-centred fundraisers who are motivated by both donor delight and fundraising goals that will deliver impact on the mission.

Ep 29:  Mar 24 - Travis Johnson

"How do I create recurring monthly donations?"

Through 36 moves, 12 schools, 6 states, 5 foster homes, and surviving 2 murder attempts there was always some nonprofit willing to keep us sheltered, clothed, and fed. Now I'm using my experience on 2 nonprofit boards and the $500,000 we raised to help the helpers.

Do you know how nonprofits spend all their time chasing donations? Our Partnership program helps build monthly recurring donations to allow you to say no to more work and yes to more donations. We want to interview nonprofit leaders, business leaders, and consultants that can help build stronger nonprofit leaders.

Find out more about us and book a 30-minute call that works for you at https://linktr.ee/nonprofitarchitect 

Ep 30:  Mar 31 - Michelle Molina

"When are spreadsheets no longer good enough?"

Michelle helps nonprofit leaders and social innovators use data. She can help clarify your outcomes, develop a theory of change or data collection tools, collect and analyze data, as well as build your capacity to use data. All this will enable you to achieve your mission as you will not only be better able to make informed improvements and decisions, but also be better able to advocate for your work using data. 

Past Episodes

Ep 27:  Mar 10 - Emily Hicks-Rotella

"How much time and money should I spend on tech to make it worthwhile?"

Emily has over a decade of experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to support their data and technology culture and strategy. As part of this work, Emily supports staff members to learn, use, and love their data and technology, adds capacity to teams and organizations that need additional technical knowledge and skill, and uses a uniquely human and non-technical approach to develop and support a culture that sets up staff and organizations for success using data and technology for their missions and impact. Emily lives in the Bronx, New York with their wife and two young children, and when they aren't being a total data and tech nerd, they are either singing outside, snowboarding, reading, or getting more tattoos.

Ep 26:  Mar 3 - Maura Fitzpatrick

"Who is my ideal donor?"

I am a brand strategist and designer living in Philadelphia. I help new nonprofit founders make their brands more effective and conducive to fundraising.  I love solving problems. I am very good at breaking large, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable bites. That really comes in handy working with new nonprofits!

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I left the South to attend Bryn Mawr College and currently live in South Philadelphia with my husband Philip and Bichon Frise, Tommen.

Ep 25:  Feb 24 - Anna Bruni Sabhaney

"How do I translate my mission so that outsiders understand my impact?"

You care deeply about your organizations’ mission (AS DO I), but realized that your funders and stakeholders don’t fully understand the value of your work. They have different priorities and this frustrates and limits you and you're frustrated that you can't do the work you most want to do, because others don't understand the need for it... YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE (funders, partners etc) SEE THE SOCIAL ISSUES YOU ARE SOLVING DIFFERENTLY.  You will love what The Confluencers have in store for you - no matter how many years you have been in your organization, I will help you rediscover things about what you do that you never fully appreciated!

Ep 24:  Feb 17 - Kris Putnam-Walkerly MSW

"How should nonprofits engage a philanthropist's delusions?"

Kris Putnam-Walkerly is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading philanthropists. For over 20 years, ultra-high net worth donors, foundations, Fortune 500 companies, celebrity activists and wealth advisors have sought her advice to transform their giving and catapult their impact. As a philanthropy advisor, speaker, and award-winning author, she’s helped over 100 philanthropists strategically allocate over half a billion dollars in grants and gifts. A thought leader in transformational giving®, Kris was named one of America’s Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers. She is the author of the award-winning book Confident Giving®: Sage Advice for Funders, and recently released her new book Delusional Altruism - Why philanthropists fail to achieve change and what they can do to transform giving.

Ep 23:  Feb 10 - Annemarie Grassi Amefia, PhD

"What are the biggest challenges in scaling a nonprofit and how should I prepare to climb the mountain?"

Experienced entrepreneurial leader with success working in education, individual and family services, and out-of-school time industry. Results oriented, respected, energetic leader with a team based management style. Consistently recognized for ability to identify and articulate a vision, gain commitment at all levels, and develop / deploy the resources necessary to implement the vision.

Ep 22:  Feb 5 - Allison McIntosh

"Why do I feel like I never have enough time?"

Hey! I’m Allison... I’m a life coach, mother, wife, artist, and philosopher. I guide humans who are stuck and stressed into happy, powerful, and free living.

Ep 21:  Jan 28 - Ariel Glassman 

"Collaborative Fundraising - the next big thing?"

I have lived and breathed fundraising, strategy, and arts and nonprofit management for 17 years. I have helped 110+ organizations across all mission spaces sculpt innovative fundraising programs, strengthen their internal capacity, connect deeply with their donors, and propel their work to new heights. Organizations I have worked with include Childhaven, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, Facing Homelessness, KEXP, ACT Theatre, Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), Seattle Men’s & Women’s Choruses, the Alliance for Education, Thrive Washington, The Center for Infectious Disease Research, Cancer Lifeline, Women’s Funding Alliance, The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Carnation Farms, Kirkland Performance Center, and City Year Seattle/King County.

Ep 20:  August 19 - Cole Hoover

"Key Lessons from Social Enterprise"

Social Impact Consultant, teacher and member of Global Shapers interested in poverty alleviation, the future of education and using business to do good.

Currently working with several organizations as a social enterprise consultant at Ponto helping them increase their impact and analyze trends in social change regionally and around the world. 

Ep 19:  August 12 - Amy Neumann

"How will AI affect nonprofits and how can we prepare?"

My mission is to help nonprofits/NGOs, social enterprises, and other organizations free up human time through technology. Because people create impact.  Passionate speaker about the intersection of social good and technology, and about reducing bias in tech.  Author of "Simple Acts to Change the World: 500 Ways to Make a Difference," from Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Love hearing new ideas to #changetheworld - please share yours! @CharityIdeas

Endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of technology, especially blockchain and artificial intelligence/AI.  Honored to have worked so far with thousands of organizations over 25 years including nonprofit, B2B, retail, social enterprise, advertising, manufacturing, government, international, and more.

Ep 18:  August 5 - Roxanne Ray

"What if we spent $1000 on Facebook Ads?"

They call me “The Facebook Ad Whisperer”. My ability to visualize, strategize and think like a consumer is the backbone of my success.  I’m the founder and Lead Strategist at Be Foxy Marketing, a full-service digital marketing and social media ad agency specializing in ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and Pinterest, as well as sales funnel and webinar design.

I’m an expert on the strategy behind what makes marketing campaigns successful. Right from the get-go, I cut straight through the fluff, and plot out a laser-focused path forward, regardless of industry or niche.

Ep 17:  July 29 - Stephen Garten

"Social Impact through Enterprise"

I founded Charity Charge to provide a free and easy way to support nonprofits. I believe that nonprofits should have access to a “business” credit card designed specifically for their needs.  That’s why we made one that requires no personal guarantor, has no annual or per card fees, and generates cash back automatically. We work with organizations nationally as large as $100 million in revenue including chapters from United Way, Junior League and YMCA.

A lot of companies talk about "making the world a better place". I'm proud that Charity Charge actually does. We underwrite all cardholder donation processing fees, so that 100% of what our cardholders earn actually goes automatically to the nonprofits of their choice.

Ep 16:  July 22 - Jeanne Bell

"The Board-Staff Disconnect on Race Equity"

I think, and write, and consult on nonprofit leadership and strategy. At Nonprofit Quarterly, my focus is on building out a robust online learning program that supports leaders invested in advancing management and leadership practices in their organizations and networks. 

Ep 15:  July 15 - Nick Takamine

"What is Strategy Anyway?"

I’m a strategy consultant on a mission to help nonprofit leaders employ the most powerful strategic management practices from the private sector.  I have come to believe that social sector leaders face the same strategic management challenges as their counterparts in the private sector. And yet, the resources available to help these leaders address their challenges pale in comparison to the depth and quality available to the private sector.

I launched Arpeggio Advisors to help close this gap by helping my clients solve their toughest challenges in strategy, business model innovation and organizational transformation.  I also curate The Nonprofit Strategy Library (www.strategylibrary.org).

Ep 14:  July 8 - Rhea Wong

"How to put the fun in fundraising"

Experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, and Event Management. Strong business development professional with a INM Certificate focused in Not-for-profit executive management from Columbia University - Columbia Business School. 

Ep 13:  July 1 - Dr. William Clark 

"How much does fundraising cost?"

Dr. William Clark is a fundraising strategist and leadership development and organizational impact specialist to nonprofits and churches with over 15 years experience working in city government, nonprofit administration and public housing operations.  In 2017, Dr. Clark joined Career Resources Inc. (CRI) as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.  

Dr. Clark is a lecturer and the author of several books on nonprofit and church leadership and is the lead pastor of Living Faith Church in Hartford CT.

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