LIVE at 12 noon Eastern, Monday August 17, 2020 through Friday, August 21.  Click the button to download the Challenge Workbook.  Bonus sessions available below (zoom link). 

Watch previous days

These videos will be available to watch 24/7 until midnight Tuesday, August 25, 2020.  

Day 1 - Your Mission Doesn't Matter

On the Challenge's first day, we cover why results drive revenue and take a closer look at crafting your Impact Statement.

Day 2 - Good Results are No Accident

We go deep into process to understand how you produce your results, looking for "hooks" that we'll use again on Day 4.  And we land on your Fully Funded Number.

Day 3 - Who Cares?

We review your income sources and focus on the one that makes the difference for nonprofits:  individual gifts.  Do you have donors that really, truly care?

Day 4 - Hook-Line-Sinker Storytelling

It's back to English class (whoops - "Language Arts") where we look at a the standard story template, then flip it 90 degrees to appeal to whomever you're speaking to.

Day 5 - Mission Critical Development Plan

Finally we bring it all together into a sustainable, acheiveable schedule for you to bring in your Fully Funded Number, using a few quick tips we pick up in the garden (no green thumbs required!).

Bonus 1 - Laser Coaching (via Zoom)

Apply to grab 15-20 minutes 1 on 1 with Kev, live on a zoom call!  Or tune in and learn as your colleagues get the Laser Coaching treatment!  Watch the replay from the zoom at 12 noon Eastern, Saturday, August 22.

Bonus 2 - My Board Won't Fundraise! (via Zoom)

A most common complaint.  We share a few tactics and solutions.  Click here to join the zoom at 7.30 pm Eastern, Sunday, August 23.

Bonus 3 - Master Your Money Mindset!

Featuring Mission Critical Academy's very own Money Mindset Coach, Maryanne Dersch!  Confront your money story, turn it into gold!  Put the Fun in Fundraising!  Click here to join the zoom, 12 noon Eastern, Monday, August 24.