Are you ready to Level Up your impact?

Join Mission Critical Academy - the ONLY way to get the full 360 degree support to focus on and deliver maximum impact for the people you serve.

A truly unique impact ACCELERATOR

Let's change the world - NOW!  We just need the funds, a supportive, dynamic Board and programming that changes lives - all RIGHT NOW.  Seems so much, but it's within your grasp.  You can LEAD this Mission Critical transformation, with the whole Academy behind you.

Focus on impact!

Get the results you should be getting for the people you serve, day in, day out.  Leverage those results to scale your impact!  Align everything you do to maximize your impact.

Save time!

Save hours every week!  Don't waste time reinventing the wheel or scratching your head in doubt about your best next step.  We have a template for everything (or know where to find one).  And coaches are accessible and responsive - ask away!

Get fully funded!

A bit scared about your #fullyfunded number?  You are a fundraising ninja, even if you don't know it yet (we'll help with that!).  Perfect your annual plan, set your targets and then - blow them out of the water!

Is this right for me?

We designed Mission Critical Academy as a one-stop-shop professional development program for super busy leaders that want results yesterday (and we keep improving it all the time).  You bring passion, dedication and ambition and we reduce the noise and confusion to help you focus on what matters most - your impact - and the what it takes to get there (fundraising, strong Boards and effective programs).   You could piece together training from lots of sources and hope for the best, or you can join a unique group of people changing the world!

  • We hold your hand at every step
  • We hold you accountable for every step
  • All content based on industry best practices

How quickly will I see results?

Your Academy experience is tailored entirely to your needs. You won't waste a minute on anything that's not 100% directly applicable to your personal situation and helping you maximize your impact.  Like anything, you get what you put in but rest assured that results start from day one.

  • Comprehensive, personalized onboarding 
  • All your work is 100% for you
  • Zero work is forced on you

They Say

Joseline Hardrick

Founder, Journey to Esquire

"Now I'm prioritizing the right things.  Everything we learn we put into practice immediately."

Janelle LoSciuto

Executive Director, Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport

"It's been a game changer.  It's amazing to think how far we've come in just the first month."

Here's what you'll find inside the Academy

12 months of Executive Coaching from Kev, worth $10,000

Fix Your Money Mindset Workshops, worth $1,500

Dedicated Mission Critical Development Plan Coach, worth $1,500

12 months of Fundraising Coaching, worth $5,000

12 months of Board Management Coaching, worth $5,000

Extensive archive of tools, templates and industry best practice guidance, worth $1,000

Pay in Full Bonus 1 

Smooth Sailing in the Next Normal" Six Steps Change Management training and execution support, worth $10,000

Pay in Full Bonus 2

Training session with your Board, staff and volunteers, worth $1,000

Early Action Bonus (first 5 new members)

Three 1-1 sessions with Kev on your personality profile, worth $1,500

Total Value:  $36,500

Academy Membership:  $2,997

The Mission Critical Academy Promise

  • We serve you so that you can serve others. 
  • Our Mission is that you deliver on your Mission.
  • Our Impact is you making impact.

meet our team

We're a dedicated group of nonprofit executives, coaches and consultants with well over 100 years of experience with Boards, fundraising, programming, building and managing teams, and developing impact-driven partnerships.  Any one of us can support you on just about any question, but we also have our fave things to focus on, so that's how we decide who takes the lead on which topic.  Click on the LinkedIn icon to read more and connect!


money Mindset

Jodi glaser

Mission Critical Development Plans

rhea wong

Impact-Led Fundraising

leslie spethman

Impact-led Boards


Pay in Full



Save $00s, get Pay in Full bonuses:

Smooth Sailing in the Next Normal Six Step Change Management Method (worth $10,000)

Team/Board training session with Kev (worth $1,000) 

6 payments



Spread the cost over half the year and plan to fundraise several times that amount every month

12 payments



Access the full program for a fraction of what you should expect to fundraise every month


What's the weekly time commitment?

There are two or three calls per week, each lasting an hour but the structure allows you to pick and choose what's relevant to you.  Expect to shift some of your time from your current task list to a renewed task list.  You'll save time by using our tools and templates and having access to coaches when you're in doubt about anything.  

What if I can't make the calls?

All calls are recorded and available in the membership area, so you can watch (and rewatch!) as well as access the full history of Academy calls and training.

Are there any additional costs?

None for the Academy.  You may need to make an investment in a donor management system or other type of software but we would expect this to be covered in your fundraising plan to cover the cost.

Are your results guaranteed?

Our results are your results - so the guarantee is you.  We cannot do the work for you but we will do whatever we can to help.

What if I want to learn more?

Shoot an email over to Kev ( or reach out to him via Messenger.