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Are you ever...

Hammering away?

Long hours, long meetings, long documents, ever-longer to-do list, yet reaching your goals seems a long way off?

Full of great ideas?

You know there's a better way.  We say we want to improve but we're stuck in our ways.  But who can handle more change amid  all this chaos, right?

Running out of time?

Everything is worthy, everything is urgent.  You needed that thing done yesterday.  You wouldn't have to work this weekend if every day was 36 hours long, right? 

Check out these group coaching programs below:



Craft your own mission-led workload that's perfectly balanced, engages your strengths and delivers impact for the people you serve.




Implement ideas and make change better, faster and easier without releasing fear and confusion on your colleagues and partners.  They may not welcome change but they'll be thankful you did it this way.  Guaranteed.


Impact Manager Flight School

Getting airborne requires speed and lift. Take yourself and your team to new heights by combining five management speed forces with their corresponding lift forces.  Take off and soar!

Glowing words

Michelle Pierre Farid

LEARN Charter Schools, Chicago

"Kev is really good helping leaders and their teams create the big picture and then turning it into real, do-able actions. If necessary, he'll get in the trenches with you and make it happen because he believes in the work and in the people doing it.  He knows when to challenge and when to support.  And he smiles all the time, which is really annoying! (LOL)"

Stephanie Myers

Kendall Hunt Publishing, New York

“Kev is a true oracle!  His counsel has been invaluable to me.  He's an outstanding sounding board and understands how to unpack, restate, and reframe dilemmas one is facing.  Kevin instinctually knows what questions to ask and when to ask them.  He has a lovely wit and a well-placed sense of humor.”

Rod Houpe

Education Networks of America

"I found Kev to be highly professional, analytical, team oriented, process improvement oriented and goal driven. During our time of working together, Kev and I developed a trusted relationship that allowed us to engage in open dialog to discuss options and strategies that would ensure our success in our projects regardless the ownership of responsibility."

Let's Get Moving!

Thanks for dropping by!  Are you ready for action?  As an Acceleration Coach, my mission is helping you drive impact better, faster and easier.  Everything you find here is practical, tactical and ready to go.  Every take away will work today.  

Download the Top 3 Barriers to Impact, check out the courses and the podcast and book a free session with me so we can pinpoint your very next step.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Get the podcast from your favorite listening source.  If I can't help you, chances are I know someone who can and I'd be happy to connect you.  Thank you for the work you do - let's make the biggest difference possible for the people you serve.

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