I help nonprofit

leaders cut the noise and clutter

out of their to-do lists so they can focus on their impact and be mission accomplished in 40 hours a week or less

I have had the pleasure of connecting with Kev a few weeks. By far one of the best decisions I have made. Learning very effective ways to boost my non-profit. And the great people I have met.
Thank you Kev Khayat🤙🤙🤙

Mike Bednar

Founder & CEO

So glad I was able to join today!  This was one of the most practical, idea-rich webinars I've sat on during COVID.  The topic and questions were very relevant and I walked away feeling hopeful and full of creative/pivot ideas.

Amy Washington

Executive Director

Doing the Challenge was an absolute gamechanger!  My Board has never quite understood what we do, what we don't do and how to fundraise like they do now.  We're a million miles from where we were just a month ago.

Janelle LoScuito

Executive Director

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Glowing words

Michelle Pierre Farid

LEARN Charter Schools, Chicago

"Kev is really good helping leaders and their teams create the big picture and then turning it into real, do-able actions. If necessary, he'll get in the trenches with you and make it happen because he believes in the work and in the people doing it.  He knows when to challenge and when to support.  And he smiles all the time, which is really annoying! (LOL)"

Stephanie Myers

Kendall Hunt Publishing, New York

“Kev is a true oracle!  His counsel has been invaluable to me.  He's an outstanding sounding board and understands how to unpack, restate, and reframe dilemmas one is facing.  Kevin instinctually knows what questions to ask and when to ask them.  He has a lovely wit and a well-placed sense of humor.”

Rod Houpe

Education Networks of America

"I found Kev to be highly professional, analytical, team oriented, process improvement oriented and goal driven. During our time of working together, Kev and I developed a trusted relationship that allowed us to engage in open dialog to discuss options and strategies that would ensure our success in our projects regardless the ownership of responsibility."