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Nonprofit Success Coach Kev Khayat

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Avoid overwhelm and burnout - do the right things, in the right way, in the right order - and make all the time to get it done . 

Nonprofit Entrepreneur Academy, run by Nonprofit Success Coach Kev Khayat and nonprofit founder Katie Blomquist helps you put everything in place faster than you thought possible. 

Unlike other courses for nonprofits, we emphasize your entrepreneurial mindset and help you leverage your strengths and develop new skills with done-for-you templates for fundraising, Board, social media and programming.  Get rid of the guessing game, say hello to building revenue fast!

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Why despite best intentions, too many nonprofits struggle to make the impact they intend for the people they serve.  Find out from Nonprofit Success Coach Kev Khayat what these common barriers are and what you can do to break them down or prevent them happening in the first place.

Top download from Nonprofit Success Coach Kev Khayat. It can't happen overnight but you can massively improve your income and levels of support by adopting a few tried-and-tested tactics.  The most important thing - don't delay!  Download and get moving - today!

You actually have all the time you need to make the impact you're trying to achieve.  This workbook from Nonprofit Success Coach Kev Khayat challenges you to ask yourself how you make decisions about time so that you can uncover the energy and purpose you need.

Glowing words

Michelle Pierre Farid

LEARN Charter Schools, Chicago

"Kev is really good helping leaders and their teams create the big picture and then turning it into real, do-able actions. If necessary, he'll get in the trenches with you and make it happen because he believes in the work and in the people doing it.  He knows when to challenge and when to support.  And he smiles all the time, which is really annoying! (LOL)"

Stephanie Myers

Kendall Hunt Publishing, New York

“Kev is a true oracle!  His counsel has been invaluable to me.  He's an outstanding sounding board and understands how to unpack, restate, and reframe dilemmas one is facing.  Kevin instinctually knows what questions to ask and when to ask them.  He has a lovely wit and a well-placed sense of humor.”

Rod Houpe

Education Networks of America

"I found Kev to be highly professional, analytical, team oriented, process improvement oriented and goal driven. During our time of working together, Kev and I developed a trusted relationship that allowed us to engage in open dialog to discuss options and strategies that would ensure our success in our projects regardless the ownership of responsibility."